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Time to act together

A better future for Europe involves us all. Today’s most vital issues – global public health, the planet, security, human rights – can only be tackled by working together.

About us

Based in London, our job is to raise awareness of the European Parliament – how it works and what it does within the EU institutions.

Our main tasks are to:

  • Perform a liaison function for the EP with the Westminster and devolved parliaments. We help organize high-level visits by delegations of MEPs to the UK, and we follow the work of relevant British parliamentary committees
  • Engage with the public and civil society. We hold events, bringing stakeholders and the public together with politicians, academics and think-tanks. We also offer presentations and talks to universities and interest groups on the role of the EP
  • Be a contact point for EU nationals resident in the UK, providing them with information about the European Parliament and encouraging them to vote in the five-yearly EP elections
  • Hold cultural events to showcase the talent of artists from or interested in the EU
  • Do youth outreach. We work with schools, teachers and anyone interested in active citizenship to encourage higher levels of knowledge about the institution and the EU generally
  • Work with the media. We keep them updated with stories from Brussels and Strasbourg, answer queries, hold press briefings and offer journalists the chance to visit the EP. We also correct lies and fake news, and have an active social media presence
  • Forge links with trade bodies, professions, business, academia, NGOs and anyone else with an interest in European affairs and the role of the EP.

Who's Who at the UK Office?

Susanne Oberhauser - Head of UK Office

Sanna Kangasharju - Governmental and parliamentary liaison

Typhaine Morillon - Public relations, outreach to EU citizens and press

Anna Huth - Public relations, youth and cultural outreach

Fabia Jones - Parliamentary research/Think tanks/Cooperation with universities

Nicola Scarfato - Legal advisor/Statutory questions/Legislative matters

Branko Jovin - Administrative Coordinator

Egle Puleikyte - Finance, Budget and Procurement


Our Team


Susanne Oberhauser

Head of Office

32 Smith Square SW1P 3EU London United Kingdom