Youth programmes

Interactive learning sessions at Europe House or in your school/college

Book an interactive learning session about the EU and the roles and powers of the European Parliament. Students will learn about the EU Institutions, the legislative procedure, its impact on the lives of citizens of the EU and UK and how citizens can play a role in shaping the process, alongside getting an overview of the political groups of the European Parliament. The sessions can be booked at no cost to your school or college.

The sessions are delivered by the contractor of the European Parliament Liaison Office in the UK, Involver.

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The structure of the session

  • INTRODUCTION: What is Europe House? Who works there? What happens there?
  • EUROBINGO!: Interactive starter activity to learn about the 27 member states of the EU.
  • WHICH EUROPE? Presentation on how the EU come into existence.
  • INSTITUTIONS AND DECISION MAKING: Video on the European Parliament, the decision-making process of the EU institutions, and the roles and functions of the key institutions.
  • THE MAKE UP OF PARLIAMENT: Participants are split into the Groups of the European Parliament – they see that the grouping is by political viewpoint, not nationality.
  • VALUES AND PRIORITIES: Participants are asked what they think the priorities of the European Parliament should be, in relation to the EU’s future relationship with the UK – or another topic agreed with your school/college.
  • PLANNING: Each group plans a one-minute presentation on what they believe their Parliamentary Group would see as the Parliament’s position.
  • DEBATE AND VOTING: Each group presents their position, answers questions, and the Parliament votes to put the positions in order of priority.
  • ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP: Ways in which participants can influence decision-makers on issues that matter to them.

"Good range and pace of content, with an interesting mix of information briefing and historical, social and political context."
Dominic Griffiths
Head of Citizenship & Life Skills Bishop Hatfield School