Information meeting on the state of voting rights for EU citizens in the European elections

Europe House and online

Eligibility and procedures for exercising the right to vote in the European elections vary considerably from one country to another. For instance, an Irish citizen living in the United Kingdom will not be able to vote whereas a Belgian citizen will.

Would you like to discuss and clarify your right to vote with Alin Mituța MEP (joining us online)? To find out more about the arrangements of each country, based on the latest survey of the European Parliament?

It is difficult to distinguish between those who can vote in the European elections, those who can but only if they overcome a number of obstacles, and those who cannot vote at all. During this event, we will try to give you the clearest answers so that the fog hovering over the right to vote is finally lifted.

This event takes place in person at Europe House and online (register and you will receive a link nearer the event).

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