Within the framework of the As Found exhibition at the 12 Star Gallery in London, the Flanders Architecture Institute is organizing a panel discussion, in collaboration with the Delegation of Flanders (Embassy of Belgium) in the United Kingdom and the European Parliament Liaison Office in the UK. In parallel to the exhibition, this event will elaborate on experimental approaches in the transformation of existing buildings in Belgium and the UK, with a specific focus on the environmental impact of architecture.

The discussion aims to engage participants on how the principles of reuse can drive policy makers towards implementing strategies to reduce carbon emissions, delve into the architectural qualities that arise from “as found” scenarios, and explore innovative approaches to heritage conservation. The evening will highlight design processes that embody the challenges and opportunities in reuse, discuss the pivotal role of exhibitions in fostering public debate, and feature insights from the distinguished panellists who are at the forefront of heritage innovation and re-qualification.

18.00    doors
18.15    welcome by European Parliament Liaison Office the UK and Flanders House
18.30    presentations and debate moderated by Dennis Pohl, director of the Flanders Architecture Institute
    - Hülya Ertas, Co-curator of the As Found exhibition
    - Johan Anrys, Co-founder of 51N4E
    - Peter St John, Co-founder of Caruso St John Architects
19.30    networking drinks
20.30     end

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12 Star Gallery
Europe House
32 Smith Square
London SW1P 3EU