EP Foreign Affairs Committee visited the UK

A delegation of six MEPs from the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament visited the UK on 18-18 September.

They started their visit in Northern Ireland, where the MEPs exchanged views with authorities, civil society, business and intergovernmental organisations in Belfast, Armagh and Newry. They learned more about practical challenges over the last two years with the implementation of the Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol. In Belfast, the MEPs held talks also with leaders of political parties on the progress in implementing the so-called Windsor Framework.

After visiting Northern Ireland, Committee Chair David McAllister said, “The practical solutions agreed under the Windsor Framework respond to the challenges people and businesses are encountering in Northern Ireland. The agreement preserves peace and supports prosperity. Businesses in Northern Ireland should seize the opportunity of having stability, predictability and a unique access to both EU and UK markets.”

The MEP delegation continued to London, where the visit allowed the MEPs to appraise the state of bilateral relations following the agreement on the Windsor Framework that paved the way towards a more positive and stable bilateral relationship. The delegation discussed the protection of citizens’ rights, youth mobility and cooperation on foreign and security policy. In particular, the MEPs exchanged views with the UK government and parliamentary representatives on Ukraine, China, Sahel, Western Balkans and Indo-Pacific. Meetings with leading think tanks and with ambassadors of EU member states provided further input on how to deepen EU-UK cooperation on foreign and security policy.

After the meetings with the UK parliamentarians and government representatives, Chair David McAllister said, “We value the United Kingdom as a close, like-minded partner and ally. Together we responded with unprecedented actions to the unprovoked and unjustified Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. It is in our joint interest to strengthen cooperation on foreign policy issues of common interest amid geopolitical challenges”.

These MEPs took part in the delegation: Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs David McAllister (EPP, Germany), Ċ½eljana Zovko (EPP, Croatia), Gheorghe-Vlad Nistor (EPP, Romania), Nathalie Loiseau (Renew Europe, France), François Alfonsi (The Greens/EFA, France) and Lars Patrick Berg (ECR, Germany).

The EP Liaison Office in the UK helped to do the programme for the visiting MEPs and took part in the visit. You can find the programme of the visit here.