Nominate someone or be a nominee for the EmpowerEU Awards!

We are excited to share with you a new opportunity to recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions within our community: the EmpowerEU Awards.

The Awards will shine a spotlight on the vital community efforts taking place in the UK, addressing important issues faced by EU citizens here and helping create collaborations, which enhance EU-UK relations. The EmpowerEU Awards aim to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements and initiatives, which make a difference for the better to EU citizens, local communities, and the youth in the UK.

Nominations for the Awards will close at the end of July, and the winners will be revealed at the upcoming EU Citizens’ Gathering in November in London (more on this after the Summer break).

How does it work? There are three award categories:

1. Youth Champions: This award will honour youth-led initiatives that promote EU-UK cooperation and relationships among young people aged 15-30. This category recognises efforts that leave a lasting impact and pave the way for future generations by establishing new connections and collaborations.

2. Community Champions: In this category, recognition will be given to grassroots community groups, small charities, social enterprises and local initiatives (including local projects, collectives, mutual aid groups) that have maintained and strengthened relationships between EU and UK citizens through local organising, peer to peer movements, art and direct action.

3. Outstanding Achievement: The final award category will acknowledge an organisation that has made an outstanding contribution towards effecting lasting and impactful change for EU citizens residing in the UK, or that have contributed to the development of EU-UK relations across communities.

To nominate someone or to submit your own application, please complete the nomination form here. For further information on the EmpowerEU Awards and details on how to submit nominations, please visit this link, or email

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